Pro Iptv Panel V3 Tanıtım Videosu

Iptv yayınlarınızı dağıtmak için kullanabileceğiniz kullanışlı bir panel.

1-Panelde bayilik sistemi mevcuttur.
2-Otomatik olarak günü dolmuş üyelikleri kapatır
3-Panel 50 Portludur. İstenildiği takdirde artırılabilmektedir
4-Panel bayilerin satışlarını otomatik olarak hesaplayıp girilen bakiyeleri otomatik olarak yansıtmaktadır.
5-Panel bağlı bulunan üyelerin kullandıkları program, ip, kullanılan kota, bağlanma zamanı ve üye isimlerini gösterebildiği gibi ayrıca anlık istatistikleride vermektedir.
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İletişim : [email protected]
skype: ex-polit

It has the following many useful features:
- clear simple user interfaces
- it is multilingual (at the moment only in English, Turkish)
- easy to change to other own Languages, it using languages files

Client Management:
- Add/Delete/Edit Clients
- Enable and Disable the Client Status
- define user level (Client, Reseller, Admin)
- define validity of Client (1 Day Free Trial, 3 Month, 6 Month, 1 Year)
- define fees for period of validity (3 Month, 6 Month, 1 Year)
- enter the date of payment of your Clients
- can create and download playlist from the streaming channels, to give to the client

Reseller Function
- Add Reseller
- they can Add their own clients
- they can create and download playlist from the streaming channels, to give to the client

Stream Mangement (the stream Channels are limited to max. 50)
- define your own DNS Adress to your Server like ""
- Add your streaming Media URL:
----- this can be a live stream URL from an external server (with ex. http, rtmp protocols)
----- this can be a live stream URL from your Encoder PC or other Encoder Hardware at Home
----- this can Audi/Video Media, stored local on your Root Server (VOD function)
----- this can a .m3u Playlist stored on you Root Server or on a external Server
- define your outgoing custom Port-Numbers for your streams on each Channel
- define your custom Channel-Name.

- Start & Stop single Channels
- Start & Stop All hannels
- Visual presentation whether channels are online or offline

Connection Statistics
- You can see you Server Traffic (Outgoing, Incoming, Total)
- Overview of connected clients and and the failed Connections.
- Overwiev of the following Information:
(Client, Ip Adress, Connected since, Connectiontyp, Status, Connected with, Used Traffic ,Country, Flag, Bannstaus)
- Bann Client (Connections)
- Delete Connection-Loglist
- Delete Bann-List

Payment Management
- Can add Incoming Payments from the Resellers.
- NOTE: payments are posted manually, it is not a payment system with gateway!
- Reseller can see his previously made ​​payments in the Reseller Panel, when the logged in as Reseller
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