Over 2500 IPTV Channels Working Great On This Amazing Addon

So here we have this new awesome addon that claims to have over 2500 free iptv streams and it does but the thing is that this fine
gentleman is stealing from cCloud servers left and right and won't even acknowledge it.

Bane "cCloud creator" and I shared a few words back and forth and he made some changes to let testers-inc know that he was stealing from his servers by adding the words ccloud to the server and sure enough the words are there if you go to here: http://testers-inc.com/test-tv/ and search for cCloud.

Please YouTubers do your research before making a video about stolen streams and support the developers.

Visit http://cCloudtv.org for the real thing.

The 3rd party addons are not the property of Kodi.tv and not supported by them.

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