Cheapest Internet In Canada

No need to watch the video.

*** Discount Code to get $70 off: TA2958 *** CHEAPEST Internet service in Canada.

For residents of Ontario & Quebec in Canada only.

Carry Telecom (

CHEAPEST Unlimited High Speed Internet Plans

Plan A. $29.99 - 15M Download/10M Upload
Plan B. $34.99 - 25M Download/10M Upload
Plan C. $49.99 - 50M Download/10M Upload

1. CHEAPEST – No Cheaper Unlimited Internet in Canada. Guaranteed. (Please ompare apple to apple for prices base on similar speed)
2. Service As Good As Good As Bell. (Running on same FTTN Fibre Network/VDSL Technology as Bell Canada)
3. No Contract.
4. No Dryloop Fees.
5. No Hidden Charges.
6. Modem Guaranteed For Life.
7. No Need TV/Phone Bundle. (Online TV/Phone can be FREE – Just Google).
8. U.S. Based IP Address. (meaning you can watch all geo-restricted videos from US without using VPN eg. Hulu).
9. Free Trial (this one is probably meaningless, because you won’t find a better deal, at least for now).

Anything else?

Yes, there is at least one more – I’d be lying if I tell you Carry Telecom is also the best customer service.

Admittedly, this is what I call a “Bare-Bone” ISP (Internet Service Provider), meaning don’t expect world class customer service. They simply do not have the profit margin to offer anything fancy.

But you know what? I never have to call them for any service related issue since day one.

After all, they are actually reselling Bell Canada’s Internet, meaning the quality of their network is exactly the same as Bell. The only difference is price and customer service. Personally, I wouldn’t pay that much more just to enjoy better customer service. And if excellent customer service matters to you, please give them a pass.

Tips: 15M is good enough for normal use. 25M is recommended if several people are using at the same times. 50M is for speed-freaks eg. serious online gamers (I think).

Why Bonus $70 Discount Code?
It’s especially generated by me to help to sign up more users to keep the company in business. So that you and I can continue to enjoy their cheap and good internet service for a long time to come (I am sick and tired of moving Internet service from one ISP to another every other few months).

Please visit first. Type in your address, see what is available at your location (available speed will be listed as Fibe 15, Fibe 25 etc). For example, if no Fibe 50 is listed, it simply means 50M/10M connection is not available at your address.

If you are interested and the desired speed is available at your address, don’t forget to insert the *** Discount Code to get $70 off: TA2958 *** (during registration checkout at their website @
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