Intro TBS2660 Professional H.265 IP Video Decoder (part 1)

TBS2660 is a Professional H.265 IP Video decoder with HDMI/VGA, composite, and analog audio outputs, which
decodes digital video and audio streams into analog video signals, this allows analog devices such as monitors
and video switches to be connected to an IP-based video system. Built-in with high-performance A17 processor,
TBS2660 is a codec engine with the ability to decode up to 16 channels 1080p video, compatible with multiprotocol
, support RTP/RTSP/HTTP input (TS、NON TS)h264/h265.
TBS2660 can be paired with the TBS2603 H.265 HDMI Encoder (sold separately), allowing up to Full HD
point-to-point video links over the Internet

 Decode up to 16 channels 1080p Video
 Support RTP/RTSP/HTTP/ Sat2 IP
 Same stream format input/output (RTSP/HTTP)
 Excellent image quality with very low delay
 WEB interface control, FW upload by USB flash
 Output one (or more) streams to 2 HDMI output or HDMI + VGA output
 Support PIP(Picture in Picture)
 HD video surveillance ;
 Video Conference;
 Hotel TV system;
 Live Broadcast;
 Teaching/Campus Broadcast;
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