Going Over Internet Service Providers (Ontario, Canada) Part 1 - Rogers Cable Internet Plans (2017)

No. This video is not being sponsored by anyone. I did this because I got bored... Total editing time to create this video part: 5 hours. Anyways, I have not made a user-generated YouTube video in a long time on my YouTube Channel, and this maybe my chance to do so. If you want me to continue this, or if you have any comments regarding the way that I speak while I am recording, please let me know about it... In this video part, I go over Rogers Cable's current Internet Plans in 2017 that are listed on their website, which is one of the long time Broadband Internet Service Providers in Ontario, Canada. Also, I managed to take a look the system requirements that they have also listed on their website as well for their Internet Services at the end of this video...

Thanks for watching and enjoy the video!

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