Mag 250/254 Server Setup. Stalker IPTV Server. Savvy IPTV

How to set up a Mag 250/254 set top box with Savvy Techs Stalker IPTV Server.

Set the correct time to MAG 250 / 254 IPTV Box.
To set the NTP server specific to your country replace the first 2 characters to your own country code.
Spain -
France -
Full list from:

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Why choose us?

There are hundreds, if not thousands of IPTV servers out there and they're all claiming they are the best.
The question that you have to ask yourself, is, what do you really need?
1000s of channels says to me that it will be an over crowded server, with most channels never getting used because not many people can speak 30 different languages. Also I very much doubt that a server with 1000s of channels can be checked, maintained and made sure every channel is working at its optimum efficiency at all times. If one goes wrong who do you report the fault to?

When you buy cheap, you get cheap. Invest in quality over quantity.

What else are you going to get for your money?
Are you just going to get a live stream of channels?
Will you get any catchup?
Will you have access to a video club and box sets?
Will you be able to record?
Will you get a TV guide?

Savvy Tech offer all of the most popular channels from the UK and Scandinavia. With a select amount of content it ensures that all streams are at optimum efficiency at all times. Together, we won't waste bandwidth and resources on channels you won't watch.
A manageable server is a happy server. Stability is paramount, stable good quality streams are what we are known for.

70% of our channel line up is recorded automatically and available for you to watch for 4 weeks afterwards, giving you the option to go back down the TV guide and watch anything you have missed.
Each account also has personal recording space on the server, so if you desire you can record a program and keep it there for as long as you want. You could even download that program into an external device to keep forever.
You would also have video club with access to over 2000 movies, box sets, and documentaries that are being added to every single day, all included in your subscription. All of which you can also download and watch on your lap top or another tv.

So... Have a look around and see what you get from the other companies and compare it to what we offer. Why not give us a try? What have you got to lose?
There are no contracts, it's completely pay as you go. We won't force you to buy a 3,6 or 12 month subscription.

I know what I would do. Do you?

Savvy people use savvy.
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